by Jesi Tassava, Executive Assistant (and member of the Millennial generation)

The number of Millennials in the workforce is growing every year. Some Millennials have been in the work place for years now. Many others are graduating college and looking for jobs right now. However, Millennials who already have a job are likely to leave that job within the next few years. According to a 2015 study conducted by Deloitte, 44% of Millennials would leave their job in the next 2 years. Being a recent college graduate myself, there are several things that are important to me when looking for a job. In order to keep those that are already in the workforce as well as attract individuals who are entering the workforce, there are three components that are extremely important to this growing generation.

1. Millennials want their work to be meaningful and valued

Tell your employees "good job", and thank themIn the minds of Millennials, they do not simply go to work everyday. Instead, their work is a product of their talent and skills. Therefore, they want their work and talent to be valued. Understanding how our work plays into the bigger picture is extremely important. Millennials also want to feel as though they are doing meaningful work.  According to the 2015 study conducted by Deloitte, 60% of Millennials say that a “sense of purpose” is why they chose their current workplace. One thing an employer can do in order to attract members of this generation is to convey the importance of the job position in the job posting itself. Providing positive feedback is a good step in letting current employees know that their work is valued. Saying “Great work!” or “Thank you so much for completing this on such short notice” can go a long way.

2. Millennials want opportunities to grow, learn and advance

Learn and growAccording to Harvard Business Review, a Gallup report found that Millennials place a greater emphasis on the opportunity to learn and grow when applying for a job. When job searching, they want to make sure that there is an opportunity to grow within the company. They also want to make sure there are opportunities to learn from others. A 2014 Allstate-National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll found that 91% of Millennials stated that achieving success in their career is necessary to living a good life, as compared to 71% of baby boomers. The same poll found that 75% of Millennials think achieving personal goals and dreams is necessary for a good life. This is compared to only 55% of baby boomers. This generation is not looking for any job that will pay the bills and provide enough money to live a good life. They want a job that is meaningful and allows them to achieve goals. Sharing responsibilities and providing small leadership opportunities can be a great start for employers to recognize Millennials’ desire to grow and learn.

3. Millennials want a flexible work place and to have a good work/life balance

FlexibilityAs a Millennial, the idea of working a 9-5 job Monday through Friday is not very appealing to me. I want to be able to have varied shifts, be able to work from home occasionally, and be able to spend plenty of time with my family and friends. A study conducted by PwC discovered that 66% of Millennials would like to occasionally shift their work hours. Having flexible work hours can help out tremendously with maintaining a positive work/life balance. According to the same PwC study, 71% of respondents say their work demands interfere with their personal lives. We don’t want to be overworked and we don’t want our work life to take away from our personal lives. As an employer, it is important to listen to an employee’s needs and be flexible in working around an employee’s personal life. This will create happier employees, who will be more inclined to work to their full potential during their work hours.


Understanding what Millennials are looking for in an employer is important. Understanding these desires can help attract the generation to your workplace and keep current employees. Helping employees feel valued, providing opportunities to grow and providing flexible hours are all aspects of today’s ideal workplace.