Brenda is well-known for her hands-on, engaging workshops and presentations that are geared towards multiple learning styles. Full-day workshops are available, which can be split into two half-days of learning (best for a retreat atmosphere). Other workshops are designed for 3-4 hours, with busy practices in mind.

The Power of the Injectable is a special project brought to veterinary practices by Zoetis. Brenda is proud to have been a key contributor to this project, as she teaches veterinary teams how to communicate confident recommendations. To view these educational videos, go to The Power of the Injectable website.



Recruiting, Hiring and Training for the ULTIMATE Client Experience Workshop

Brenda Tassava teaching delivery of the ultimate client experienceDescription:  No eye contact, poker-faced greetings, and robotic phone calls. Is this what your clients experience when they call or come into your practice? Are you struggling with finding the right client care candidates, or has your front desk team fallen into a state of apathy? This workshop was designed to turn failing client service into exceptional experiences! It starts with recruiting the right people. Learn where to look, how to write a job posting that attracts the ideal candidates, and how to better screen for the soft skills needed to turn your service around.

By the year 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be made up of the millennial generation. Is your practice ready for this significant change? In order to foster the Ultimate Client Experience, you need to know what the millennial worker needs from you as an employer. The veterinary practices that can successfully create workplace cultures that meet or exceed the millennial expectation are those that will attract and keep the very best in our field.

You’ve spent hours and hours recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring to find the best candidates to meet the growing needs of your practice. But what happens to a new hire when they start employment in a veterinary hospital? Odds are, they’re thrown into a hectic work environment with little direction or oversight. We take our workshop further by building a strong foundation for training a client experience focused team! Prevent your new hires from jumping ship by providing them with a strong orientation and training program that engages them, bonds them quickly to the team, and offers a fun, interactive learning experience.

You will go back to your practice with a new hiring and training protocol for one of the most critical roles in your veterinary hospital.

Length: Full-day workshop (recommended 10am-4pm), or two half-days

Appropriate Audience: Anyone who is an integral part of the recruiting, hiring and training process in a veterinary practice.

The Leadership Workshop

Workshop group workDescription: Strengthen your skills in an interactive leadership workshop, designed to spark the creative thought process, while learning how to engage and motivate your veterinary staff members today! Brenda Tassava’s fun, interactive leadership workshop focuses not only on how you can become a better leader to inspire your team, but also the actions you can take NOW to get your team involved in taking preventative care to a new level in your practice. Using a sample VetSuccess Preventive Care Snapshot, work will be done in small groups to create new veterinary service ideas, with every attendee going back to their practice with multiple action plans that can be used right away to increase client visits, while improving overall patient care.

Length: Full-day workshop (recommended 10am-4pm), or two half-days

Appropriate Audience: Leaders in all areas of the veterinary practice from veterinarians to practice managers and team leaders/new supervisors.

The Marketing Workshop

Description: Marketing is one of the most difficult challenges for veterinary practices today. Faced with increased competition and a desire not to be blatant advertisers, veterinarians struggle with how to market their services effectively. Throw in technology and an ever-changing social media landscape and it’s no wonder most practices are simply throwing things on Facebook and hoping something will “stick”. The missing ingredient? A Marketing plan!

In this focused, interactive workshop, attendees will learn how small businesses are putting their best foot forward and utilizing technology to speak to their desired audiences. We’ll apply these principles and tech tools to the veterinary profession so practice managers and veterinarians have a higher comfort level with using them, without feeling they’ve crossed the line of professionalism. Working in small groups, attendees will take what they’ve learned and apply it to drafting a focused, preventative care marketing plan. They will also learn how to best gain buy-in from their teams when they return to their practices, and then how to monitor and report their progress to keep positive momentum going.

Length: Full-day workshop (recommended 10am-4pm), or two half-days

Appropriate Audience: Practice Managers, Social Media Managers, Practice Owners, and anyone handling the marketing of a veterinary practice

Key Performance Indicators That Matter

Description: It’s 2015… not 1990!  It’s time to look at key performance indicators in a different way. So many things have changed in the veterinary profession in the past 5 years, let alone the past 25 that we need to be measuring our practices’ success through a different lens. Join Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ as she presents the key performance indicators that are meaningful to practice managers today. You will learn how to measure these KPIs, set goals around them, and track and monitor your progress as you put some forward-thinking action plans in place for your teams.

Length: Half-day workshop (3.25 hours)

Appropriate Audience: Hospital Administrators, Practice Managers, Practice Owners

Strategic Planning Workshop (RACE approved for 3.5 hours)

Description: The strategic planning process isn’t as intimidating as it sounds! Get back to focusing on strategic goals that keep your team moving towards a Mission that inspires them. The strategic planning process is a great approach to jump-starting your entire practice team, while getting leaders off the “hamster wheel” and on-track to fulfilling their Vision of the future.

Objective Statement: This program’s objective is to provide veterinarians and practice managers with the methodology and tools they need in order to conduct the strategic planning process at their own practice. This is carried out with a presentation, followed by a case study workshop so that attendees experience and have the opportunity to practice the process, with the assistance of the facilitator.


  • Mission: your practice’s ultimate destination, what you and the team are striving to accomplish each day, with each patient and each client
  • Vision: your vision of your practice 5 years from now when it comes to client service, veterinary services, brand image & business model, leadership & owner’s workload, recruiting & culture, and financial health
  • SWOT: where your practice is NOW, relative to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Strategic goals: the steps a practice needs to accomplish in order to reach their Vision of the practice 5 years from now, prioritized so that they build upon one another in a manner that builds strong foundation and carries the practice forward
  • Strategic plans: the action plans that need to be created and implemented in order to reach each strategic goal
  • Oversight: the manner and methodology in which we track our progress, keep the team on track and reach our goals
  • In small groups, attendees will build an action plan for what they believe is the highest priority for the case study hospital’s circumstances, then present their action plan to the entire group. A case study, along with a corresponding VetSuccess Practice Overview Report and Preventive Care Snapshot are used in this round table workshop format.

Length: Half-day (3.5 hours, RACE approved)

Appropriate Audience: Practice Owners, Practice Managers

Employee Orientation and Handbook Workshop

Description: Outlining clear expectations for team members is an essential leadership must. The best way to do this is to get them on-boarded to the practice in a manner that sets them up for success. This management workshop addresses new hire orientation, as well as “best practices” for employee handbooks. Bring your current employee handbooks to review and go home with an updated template to customize to your practice, along with a rock solid orientation plan that attracts and keeps the very best of the Millennial workforce!

Length: Half-day (3.5 hours)

Appropriate Audience: Practice Managers, Team Leaders

Finding Balance for You and Your Staff

Description: Stress is a fact of life for busy, hard-working professionals. It’s how we deal with stress in our lives that shapes our ability to find better work-life balance. This workshop will explore our stressors in the veterinary workplace, along with practical solutions for strategically managing the most stressful days at work in order to offer more effective support to our teams. Be prepared to learn a little mindfulness and how it can make you a more effective and zen leader!

Length: Half-day (3.5 hours)

Appropriate Audience: Practice Owners, Veterinarians, Practice Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors

Dinner Presentations

60-90 minute presentations are perfect for Conference sessions, Managers’ Group luncheons, lunch or dinner meetings. Brenda has several topics and presentations on a variety of practice management topics that can be tailored to different audiences (veterinarians, practice managers, supervisors, etc.). Current presentations include:

  • Marketing Your Practice in a Mobile World
  • The Next Stage of Technology: Client Service 2.0
  • Your Strategic Plan: Client Loyalty and Retention Through Preventive Care
  • Regaining Your Lost Clients
  • Technology Time Management for Veterinary Professionals
  • Social Media and the Internet: Why You Need to Take Control Now!
  • Online Reviews: Dealing With Negativity and Nastiness
  • The Connection Between Stress, Happiness and Productivity
  • TRUST Yourself to Become a Better Leader
  • New Tips to Engage and Empower Your Team
  • End the Office Bickering: Uniting the Front and the Back
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Tapping Into Your Practice’s Strengths